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Sunday, 6 January 2013

GTA VC BTTF Hill Valley Clocktower in docks mod : I used MEd again but instead in ViceCity and in DOCKS i added the clocktower in this place. Download is not available yet so please wait till i comment that its ready to download.


  1. It shall be open soon because i have not posted it yet.

  2. Please be paitent, And thanks :) its not finished yet because i have not added some things like flowers and trees and some electric bars to not let anyone in the house :) i will also make your available to walk through the door and see a place inside the place like some interiors and some places for E.G Kens little office and the other familys office in LC at Marco's Bristo.

    1. If you have the first version which is just got the clocktower and nothing with it its fine because its gonna be improved.

    2. i think Maybe for the collision because i never used it and i need a TUT to learn how to do mods like for mapping i learnt it from a PRO :)