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Monday, 7 January 2013

GTA Mod Vote.

Im making a vote because im not sure what to download for my GTA San Andreas. These are the votes :
GTA SA:Liberty City BETA 6
GTA SA:Liberty City BETA 7
GTA San Vice
GTA Alien City (Anderius)
 Mod-Pack RC8 Snow Andreas
If you can vote THX!!!!! (To vote you must have a GMAIL account in my site ( Thanks again sooo much :)


  1. Vote will start on 7 January 2013 and it will end on 15 January 2013

  2. Im not gonna vote coz i dont even know but il just say GTASA:LC Beta 7 because i had it before and it was just like GTA 3 but better !!!!C Op op op op oppa GangNamStar xD

  3. Meh, il choose San Vice merged with BTTF SA with 3 or 1 delorean.